About Long2 Consulting

Long2 Consulting came into existence in January 2003 when Linda's editorial job was shipped overseas. Before that point, Linda helped several family members, friends, and an animal rescue groups setup and maintain websites in her free time. The ending of Linda's full time corporate position gave her the push to forge our path into entrepreneurship. Recently, John has also become involved in L2C when his job was eliminated at Allstate. With over 20 years experience in end-user computing, John is helping to shape our new services to local small businesses for technical support.

The initial phase of L2C was focused on FrontPage/Expression Web websites and templates. We sold hundreds of templates through Pixelmill. We also helped many clients setup sites using our templates.

As the web evolved, so did our services. We now focus on sites that are build using content management systems (CMSs) such as WordPress and Joomla. We've built over 200 CMS sites and keep up-to-date on current happenings and tools for both WordPress and Joomla. Currently we tend to favor WordPress for site building since we find a wider availability of tools and solutions to accomplish the goals of our clients.

In recent years, we have also launched several successful e-commerce stores using Nexternal, ZenCart, OpenCart, Virtuemart (Joomla), and WooCommerce (WordPress). We understand the pieces and parts that are needed to run a secure online store and can help guide you through the maze of requirements for PCI compliance.

Coming soon we will also have a variety of small business end-user computing services.
We look forward to working with clients that see the value of a website as a marketing tool and establishing long-term business relationships with our clients.