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I love working on projects.

There is something very satisfying about working with a business or organization to bring a vision to life.

I give my all to my projects and they take a lot of energy and expertise to get right, so I only work with select clients on projects that excite me and that I think have a real chance at success.

If you'd like to talk to me about working together on your project, please fill out the project application below so I can learn more about your project.

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You can either fill out the worksheet below or download the PDF and email the worksheet to llong@long2consulting.com

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[For example: 20% increase in sales in 6 months, 30% increase in membership this year, reduce admin costs by 15% in 3 months]...and so forth.

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[For example, to research product information, get contact details, ask questions about services, pricing...

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